Announcing the Open Korea project


Today, McGrady Policy Research is announcing the creation of the Open Korea project. The project is intentioned to create a body of work on reporting and analysis on North Korea that is exclusive to MPR’s signature free market, pro-liberty perspective.

We intend to provide unmatched content production and analysis with our partner publishers. Through the manner of releasing op-eds and research on current events in North Korea, the Open Korea project will expose reality in the closed off nation.

Open Korea project operations fall under the World+Lab foreign policy publication MPR distributes on Openn Korea will also be syndicated and distributed on Medium and through several content partners and and several independent publications.

McGrady Policy Research is a conservative political consultation, content producer, and general marketing organization based in Colorado. Michael McGrady, a millennial Republican political strategist and nationally published journalist, serves as the company’s name-sake owner and executive director.

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