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McGrady Policy Research is a leading conservative and libertarian political consultation organization and freelance content publisher and producer ran by a millennial.

We specialize in unmatched policy analysis and research for some of the most influential clients in the United States. With executive director Michael McGrady at the forefront, MPR and our strategic business partners provide content solutions for campaigns, media outlets, and non-profits.

From national campaigns to the airwaves, McGrady Policy Research can provide content based on years of public policy analysis and advocacy experience. Our work has been featured in commanding publications and has swayed public opinion, policy decisions, and opened up national debates on the issues facing us today.

We believe in individual liberty, the literal definition of the Constitution of the United States, the Bill of Rights, and free markets as guiding principles to our operation.

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Michael McGrady’s journalism and advocacy work has been featured in





…and numerous publications like The Hill, The Washington Examiner, Human Events, and others. 

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Art + Design

köllig +design.

Graphic Design and Professional Photography Services. All in one place.

McGrady Policy Research wants to provide a one-stop shop experience for clients and future clients. Through this idea, we branded MPR Art + Design.

A design team of nationally published graphic designers and photographers is at your disposal.

We offer custom plans that can meet your organization’s needs with affordable pricing. Please, fill out the below form and a representative will be in contact with you shortly. A portfolio is available upon request.